How to Pay for Your Care


Nethery Eye Associates accepts most major medical health plans. Depending on your surgery, costs may or may not be covered by your insurance company. For eye exams and medically necessary surgery, our doctors and surgery centers participate in most major medical insurance networks. However, we do not accept vision plans. For insurance questions, please contact our office at 817-423-1800.


Nethery Eye Associates takes assignment with Medicare, and we will file your qualifying surgical procedure with Medicare and most supplemental policies.

Surgery Billing Procedure

There will be three separate charges filed for your scheduled surgery from these providers:

  • Nethery Eye Associates (817-423-1800)
  • Cityview Surgery Center (817-423-1800)
  • Clearwater Anesthesia (817-294-7444)

Nethery Eye Associates will file the charges to your insurance company for the Nethery Eye Associates surgeon and also Cityview Surgery Center. There will be a separate charge for anesthesia filed by Clearwater’s billing department. If you have any questions related to the charges for anesthesia, please contact the number listed above. Our office will notify you ahead of time if any monies will be owed to Nethery Eye Associates or Cityview Surgery Center.